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WKX-6020 CNC horizontal keyway milling machine

WKX-6020 CNC horizontal keyway milling machine is a special equipment for keyway processing in petroleum perforating guns. It adopts 6 stations to realize automatic tool setting and automatic processing. It is suitable for processing perforating gun diameter range φ73mm-φ102mm, and the longest workpiece length is 1220mm.

    WKX-6020 main technical features

    1. The main parts of the machine tool such as the bed, column, cross carriage and spindle box are all made of high-quality gray cast iron with high seismic resistance. They are produced by professional enterprises that have passed ISO9000 quality system certification. The casting process adopts special processing to improve the mechanical properties of the material. The casting has been aged twice to eliminate residual stress inside the material, so the machine tool has excellent rigidity and excellent shock absorption; it also has good thermal stability and long-lasting accuracy stability.

    2. The main joint surfaces of the machine tool assembly are carefully scraped manually to ensure the effective contact area of ​​the joint surfaces.

    3. The spindle adopts a precision spindle unit produced by a professional manufacturer, and the spindle bearings adopt world-famous brand high-precision angular contact thrust ball bearings to ensure that the spindle has extremely high precision and rigidity. The spindle and motor pulley have been dynamically balanced tested to ensure the accuracy and life of the spindle.

    4. The X-axis drive uses an AC servo motor, which is decelerated by a 1:10 planetary gear reducer imported from Germany, and then drives the rack through the gear to achieve X-direction feeding; this avoids the deflection deformation of the filament rod due to its own weight, thus Affect processing accuracy.

    The Y/Z axis feed assembly uses imported high-precision ball screws, and the support bearings at both ends use imported special screw bearings, and the ball screws are pre-stretched; the screw-motor connection adopts a gap-free elastic coupling The transmission has no gap, small moment of inertia and high transmission stiffness.

    5. The machine tool design adopts X/Y/Z axis roller linear rails, and the two-way linear rails adopt heavy preloading, so that the machine tool not only takes into account the characteristics of high speed and high precision, but also has the characteristics of heavy cutting and has excellent rigidity. and production efficiency.

    6. The screw, guide rail and gear rack are all equipped with centralized automatic lubrication devices, which automatically supply oil to the screw, guide rail and gear rack at regular intervals, so that the machine tool is fully lubricated during movement, thus ensuring that the machine tool has excellent Fast response characteristics and low-speed feeding performance, longer service life and better accuracy maintenance.

    7. The CNC system is SYNTEC-22MA, dual channel, which is the latest generation CNC system equipped with bus absolute servo motor.

    8. The detection system and the processing system are controlled separately. While the processing system processes the keyway, the detection system detects the workpiece at the next station, and so on, to maximize processing accuracy and processing efficiency.

    Technical Parameters




    Workpiece diameter range



    Maximum work piece length



    X-axis travel



    Y-axis travel



    Z-axis travel



    X/Y/Z axis positioning accuracy



    X/Y/Z axis repeat positioning accuracy



    Spindle hole taper


    Spindle speed range



    Servo main motor rated power



    Chip removal method

    Spiral chip conveyor+Chain plate chip conveyor

    Spindle protection/cooling method

    Air curtain protection, processing cooling, processing air blowing

    Compressed air for machine tools



    Machine tool dimensions



     Machine weight (approx.)